Asia Link guarantees that its EVA underlay:

  1. Is a sound insulation underlay for use under laminate, engineered timber, bamboo (floated) and other floors laid using the floating insulation method. It is not suitable for tiles or natural stones which are full-surface glued to the sub-floor.
  2. Is warranted against degradation of the physical properties of the Eva material when installed in accordance with the manufacturer installation instructions.
  3. Will provide underlayment support for the serviceable life of the floor covering.
  4. Is soundproof.
  5. Is waterproof.
  6. Is keeping heat.
  7. Meets quality standards contracted between the seller & the buyer.

This guarantee shall only be valid if:

  1. The EVA underlay is not used for outdoor and exposed to the sun, rain or water.
  2. The sub-floor has been checked and prepared before fitting the underlay and is flat, level, clean, dry, without cracks, free from dust and excessive moisture. Relevant humidity should not exceed 85%.¹
  3. The flooring installer is an experienced professional who has:
    • Followed adequate installation instructions.
    • Stopped installation and contacted the supplier if boards were defective.²
  4. The users have:
    • Followed maintenance instructions.
    • Used the underlay per it’s intended purpose.
    • Reported the product defect within 15 days of the quality issue becoming apparent.

This guarantee does not cover:

  1. Damages caused by:
    • Transportation;
    • Storage;
    • Improper installation, use and maintenance;
    • Natural disasters, water, fire, furniture, heels, pets, chemicals;
    • Product alterations or attempts to repair.
  2. Tears, burns, cuts.
  3. Products older than 5 years from the date of shipment.

Guarantee beneficiary and guarantee activation procedure:
The beneficiary of this guarantee is the original purchaser of Asia Link’s EVA underlay. This guarantee is not transferable.
To activate the guarantee, the beneficiary, shall submit within 15 days of the flooring defect becoming apparent:

  1. a report on the nature and extent of the quality issue;
  2. the relevant purchase contract or commercial invoice;
  3. related pictures and samples.

Asia Link reserves the right to undertake a visual and technical inspection of the underlay concerned.

Based on the above, Asia Link shall take a position within 10 working days. In case Asia Link finds the claim to be justified, it shall either reimburse or replace the flooring concerned. In no event shall Asia Link be responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, economic, commercial, consequential, incidental or special loss or damage or any claim by a third party, resulting from the use or loss of use of the product.

Asia Link will not be responsible for installation problems.

Asia Link, April, 2020

¹ Please also observe the manufacturer’s laying instructions for the top floor. If there is a higher than normal residual moisture present in the substrate, seek the advice of your dealer or professional floor fitter regarding the need for drying or the use of an additional moisture barrier.

²The installer is considered to have accepted any underlay he/she has installed. It is the installer’s exclusive responsibility to not install any obviously defective material.